A network that creates sustainable value

Seine-Scheldt is a multimodal transport network which aims to serve both:

Mobility of the future
As Europe’s largest waterway network, Seine-Scheldt will double the trading capacity in the areas crossed and accelerate modal shift to waterways. It will provide an efficient, sustainable response to freight transport needs in European territories and will also benefit passenger transport by extending the possibilities for cruise liners and pleasure boats.
Economic growth
Seine-Scheldt will boost logistical and industrial activity along its 1,100 km of navigable waterways and strengthen the performance of companies using waterway transport. More generally, it will create the conditions for an ecosystem to develop along the network, offering the territories multiple opportunities for creating long-term wealth and jobs.
The ecological transition
Seine-Scheldt will prevent the traffic of millions of heavy-goods vehicles on the roads, for the benefit of waterways, the means of transport with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions. It will thus help achieve carbon neutrality for transport and contribute to the success of the European Union’s Green Deal. The network also has a sustainable vision of water management with environmental performance targets.

Speeding up innovation for waterways

With its exceptional scale and ambition, Seine-Scheldt is already speeding up innovation for waterways. It is encouraging the emergence of new ways to build, equip, develop, manage and maintain the waterway infrastructure. It also incorporates a thorough analysis of how to optimise and expand the range of services offered to users.

Inland waterway transport is becoming greener

The energy transition launched several years ago by the river transport industry will reinforce the positive impact of the network on greenhouse gas emissions by developing clean engines for its fleets and using renewable energy.